The Magic 8 Step Formula To Success & Happiness Module 3

In this video module you will learn exactly what you need to do in order to advance in this part of the training course.


Section 1 Summary: Introduction To The Formula For Success, Happiness and Fulfilment

  • All obstacles are opportunities in disguise
  • Nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams but you yourself
  • You will achieve success and fulfilment when you have mastered your life in the following fields:
    1. Peace of Mind
    2. Health and Energy
    3. A Loving Long Term Relationship
    4. Financial Independence
    5. Going Forth With A Worthwhile Goal
    6. Living Your Purpose


It is never to late to start living the life of your dreams

To lead a life of success you must master these two laws:
1. The law of control. Where you are holding the reigns to your life's nod controlling where it will go.
2. The law of cause and effect, where you are choosing the right causes that lead to your desired effect in life.

  • The causes to all that you currently have in your life are your thoughts.
  • Your thoughts are the basis of all of the effects in your life. Your thoughts produce your beliefs, which create your expectations, which lead to your choices, behaviours and actions.
  • We can create anything we believe we can create.
  • The one thing holding us back from achieving our true potential is our limiting beliefs because they block the three characteristics needed to create the life of our dreams.
  • We only need three characteristics to create the life of our dreams:
    1. A high self esteem
    2. A belief in ourselves and our abilities
    3. Persistence to go about our goals until we reach them

In the next section we shall take a closer look at the specific behaviours that are hindering our chances of success, happiness and fulfilment.


Quiz - Introduction to the Formula of Success, Happiness and Fulfilment

This quiz will make sure you have mastered and understand the basics of the formula to your success, happiness and fulfilment.