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The Magic 8 Step Formula To Success & Happiness Module 14 Section 3 Summary

In this video module you will learn exactly what you need to do in order to advance in this part of the training course.


Section 3 - Summary:

Mastering The Path To Success, Happiness and Fulfilment.

Putting the puzzle pieces together- in this section we focus on putting the puzzle of all of the information pieces you received in this course, together.

1. Mastering our mind:
There are two spheres of brain activity, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is like the farmer who chooses which seeds to plant in the soil, as well as being responsible for caring for the soil.

The subconscious mind is the soil. It will always bring to life whatever is planted in it if it gets the required nutrients required for growth.

The soil never cares what is planted within it by the farmer. The soil will always reap whatever was sown.

The seeds are the thoughts and beliefs that the conscious mind (we, the farmer) allow to be grown in our soil ( which is the subconscious mind).

The subconscious mind is open to suggestions from anywhere and anyone. We can use our conscious mind to choose to control which suggestions are accepted in our subconscious mind and which are not.

Through faith, repetition and expectation we can imprint on the subconscious mind the exact things which we want to have in life.

We can do this through auto suggestion instead of allowing hetero-suggestions to lead our actions.

The best time to auto suggest is at night, before bed or early in the morning upon waking because this is when our five senses are least alert and the two spheres of our mind activity are closest to each other.

Our subconscious mind never sleeps, it is awake 24 hours a day.

Our subconscious mind will bring to fruition whatever we believe to be true.

No will power is strong enough to overcome what the subconscious mind perceives to be true.

Repetition of chosen thoughts will help to reprogram our subconscious mind to get us the results that we desire to have in life.

2. Belief in ourselves:

What the subconscious mind believes to be true, it will bring into our reality.

Since beliefs are basically thoughts, we can choose which thoughts to entertain in our mind.

3. Expecting the best for ourselves:

What we expect, we will get. Wherever we place our focus, this is what we will tend to notice in life.

4. Cause and effect.

Every cause leads to a specific effect. Our thoughts are the causes to everything we have in our life because they form our beliefs, which form our expectations, which are the foundation of our choices, behaviours and actions.
Our actions represent our life.

5. Meditation:

This allows us to go within and use our intuition to pick up on our true desires. Meditation also allows our conscious mind to give productive and positive orders to our subconscious mind for it to bring about in our life.

6. Accepting and Welcoming Change:

Change is the norm in our world, we live in an ever expanding universe. Leaving our comfort zone is never easy but it is important to understand that we can never stop change from happening, and therefore we must learn to live with it and even to master it.

7. Play the part:

Acting the part of who you want to be in an ideal world. Our subconscious mind never judges, nor does it know the difference between what is real and what is false and what is right and what is wrong. Our subconscious mind trusts the subconscious mind to give it the correct orders and filter out whatever is not real.
When we understand this, we can use this truth to plant whichever seeds we desire into our subconscious mind and have those seeds become our reality in time with proper care and persistence.

8. Visualising: Whatever we can imagine in our mind, we can become.

See lesson 13 on putting the puzzle together on how to combine all of these skills together on a daily basis to allow you to form the strong habits that will assure you reach your lofty goals of success, happiness and fulfilment.


Quiz # 3 - Mastering The Path To Success, Happiness & Fulfilment

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