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On this page you will see some of the bonuses that come with the different membership levels at the “New You” Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program Bootcamp.

Super Bonus #1

You will get my full set of Mind Films especially designed to help you change your thought patterns from your brain default settings that are proving to be unsuccessful for you, to thought patterns that will easily help you change your habits and chosen behaviours to ones that support your success in all of the important life fields.

Super Bonus #2

You will receive access to my Self Assessment Test to discover your strengths and find the shortest path to your success, fulfilment and happiness.

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Super Bonus #3

Health and Wellness Affirmations Audio and PDF To help you relax into a state of knowing you will achieve optimal health and your desired weight by imprinting positive affirmations on your subconscious mind to ensure your success.

Super Bonus #4

Audio of Positive Thinking Affirmations to help you start the day in a positive, happiness supporting mindset to ensure you stay committed to your new life changing program.

Super Bonus # 5

The Ultimate Guide For A Successful Walking Routine - An excellent way to start an easy to adhere to exercise program. There is nothing better for your health than walking! Here is my guide to maintaining a walking routine that will give you the health benefits and also the drive to get up and go. Learn about the benefits of walking and how to do it the right way.

Super Bonus # 6

The Ultimate Affirmations Course For Peak Personal Development - a six module video program to give you all you need to ensure that your self talk is beneficial and will bring you closer towards your goals every day.

Super Bonus # 7

How to Raise Your Chances of Succeeding With Weight Loss - Simple Tweaks to Lose Weight Ebook to ensure you succeed with your health and weight loss goals.

Super Bonus # 8

- What’s Working (And What Isn’t) For Healthy And Lasting Weight Loss!

30 Day Iron Clad money Back Guarantee

 I almost forgot to mention your ironclad money-back guarantee with The Gold “ New You” Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program Bootcamp Upgrade, so you can give it a try for 30 days, with NO RISK!


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